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African Missions
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Medical Missions to Zimbabwe and Kenya

After  retirement  from  active  practice   of  Orthopedic  surgery  In  U  S  I have  been   active  in  missions   to  several  African  nations;    Sanyati - Zimbabwe,  Kijabi  -Kenya,  consultant    Arusha - Tanzania.    The   medical  needs  of  the   African  peoples   is  tremendous.  equippment   and  supplies   requires  continuous  replacement  from  willing   charity  groups.  Respect  must  be  given  to  the  many  volunteers  who  go  , giving their  time  ,  expertise  and  skills   to  help   fulfill  the  needs .  However,  the  giver    receives  much  more  than  he[she]  gives .  Pray  for  The  missionaries and for  these     people  in  need  of  our  support. Many Zimbabwe  people  are  starving,  living in poverty,   have  horrendous  medical  problems.  A  physician   or nurse serving in these  countries  sees more illnesses and pathology in a month  than they will see in a  lifetime  in the USA.  Often during a busy  clinic day  I pause to  photograph an interesting  person for later painting.  IVORY   is such a  painting.The elderly man , dressed in old torn faded hat and tuxedo  coat, wondered why I was photographing him. I wondered too!. I t was years before the concept of IVORY developed.  I wish he could see himself. No doubt he would  wonder  where was the elephant.  Do they like to be  photographed?  Absolutely! The problem is getting the spirit  of the natural pose.
   MY work  is  ORIGINAL  IN CONCEPT , DESIGN AND EXECUTION. I  pity those  "artists" that  unashamedly  " borrow"  from  others consistently. Watch out  for  COPIERS!

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Medical missions

 Photos In  wards  Kajabi Kenya  and Sanyati Zimbabwe. The three little ones all had bilateral clubfeet. Full correction surgically, but long term monitoring in needed. Meditating while contemplating Chartres Cathedral in France, lighted by twilight.  , I asked, " God, what of this?". Instantly , aquestion formed in mynmind. "do you remember those three children with club feet"?  Yes I remember.   No sound was heard, but I heard.."This is my Temple"

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Plen aire  landscaping painting is  educational.  wind blowing easel away,  insects, tourist asking  "oh !  are you an artist?"  Really! painting that BAD?Good?

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